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Thai Yoga Body Massage

Thai Yoga Body Massage

A combination of body massage, acupressure and applied yoga that releases tension and stress, increases vitality, flexibility and tranquility.

The aim of traditional Thai Yoga Body Massage is to unblock stagnant and trapped energy in the body, stimulating specific energy points and encouraging the body's own life force (Chi) to flow freely.

The massage through gentle stretching, accupressure and energy work, improves function of the Lymph glands, blood circulation and balances the nervous system. It is appropriate for a range of muscle-skeletal problems including back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain. It releases toxins and waste materials from the joints, muscles and connective tissue and stimulates organs by gentle pressure on specific points.

It is especially good for releasing tension and stress and encourage relaxation of both mind and body. It brings a feeling of energised, refreshed and with deep sense of well-being.

King King is fully qualified in traditional Thai Yoga Body Massage with an advanced certificate in Thai Medical Massage Therapy from the Wat Po Traditional Medical School in Bangkok, Thailand.


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